I passionately believe in making beautiful jewellery with ethical integrity. Precious metal and gemstone jewellery is one of our most highly prized possessions. But the source of this jewellery is often much less appealing. The gold and gemstone industries are unregulated and exploitation is common. I want to play a part in changing that. I work hard to make sure that my practices are as ethical and green as possible. Here's an outline of how I do this:


METALS - Where possible the the gold and silver I use are recycled. This means that they are not mined or obtained from dirty drilling. The production of one gold ring from mined metal can produce 5 tonnes of environmental waste and often require the use of dangerous chemicals like cyanide and mercury. These chemicals contaminate the water surrounding the mine posing a huge danger to the people and animals living there. Using recycled metals bypasses this process.  


GEMSTONES - I always try to source my gemstones from suppliers who have received assurances that stones are responsibly mined and that economic justice is delivered to all people involved in the stones' extraction and production. Workers should have access to a safe workplace, healthcare and a fair wage. It is very difficult to find suppliers that can provide such assurances and at the moment there are no independently certified Fairtrade gemstones. I hope that one day this will change.


GREEN PRACTICES - The packaging and promotional materials I use are, wherever possible, made from recycled materials. From business cards to padded envelopes - it can all be reused or recycled once it has done its job! I make my workshop practices as ecofriendly as possible by recycling and reusing consumable materials wherever I can. 

I am so proud to have partnered with the UK charity Womankind Worldwide, and donate a portion of the profits from every sale to this fantastic cause.


Everyday women and girls around the world face discrimination, poverty and violence just because they are female. Womankind works in partnership with women's rights organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America to enable the most marginalised women and girls to understand, and have the confidence, to claim their rights and improve their lives. In the last 25 years, Womankind have helped more than 18 million women and their families to transform their lives and communities.


So when you buy a piece of Lauren Hunt jewellery not only will you have something beautiful to enhance your sparkle, you will be helping another woman to shine.





Building a secure future for miners, their families & communities.

Visit fairtrade.ord.uk/gold for more information.