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I hand craft every piece of jewellery with care and attention to detail to ensure it is of the best quality for you to enjoy for years to come. Each piece come with a warranty that covers it FREE for three years. After this I offer a lifetime maintanence service for a small fee.


If you need your jewellery repairing or maintaining please get in touch by emailing BEFORE purchasing one of these options and I will assess which service is the best for your jewellery needs.


Simple Repairs - Covers things like straightforward semi-precious stone replacement, re-plating if your jewellery has lost it's colour, setting tightening if a stone has become loose, scratch removal or a good clean and polish to get your jewellery looking like new.


Complex Repairs - For more involved work where a new setting needs to be made or a part of your jewellery needs reworking. This also covers the replacement of most precious gemstones*


Jewellery Reworking - If your jewellery cannot be repaired and needs re-making in it's entirety this covers the cost of removing any stones and recycling the metal to be used to re-make your piece. 


*Diamond replacement may be subject to additonal cost 



Jewellery Maintanence

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