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The BEST part of my business (spoiler alert - it has nothing to do with jewellery!)

I'm currently negotiating school summer holidays and running a business, and while I love the extra time with my littles, I'll admit it's a bit of a hot mess sometimes!

But it's got me to thinking about how fortunate I really am. Millions of children around the world aren't fortunate enough to attend school at all. Did you know every piece of my jewellery sold helps sponsor girls in Africa and Asia through Action Aid UK? The more jewellery I make, the more girls I sponsor.

Action Aid helps children like 5-year-old Lae Yi (pictured) to get the education they deserve. I also donate a portion of my profits to women's charity Womankind Worldwide, which helps women all over the world to claim their rights and improve their lives.

I believe we rise by lifting others, and the charitable part of my business is one of the reasons I love doing what I do. I probably don't talk about this as much as I should, so I'll be sharing more updates from the women and girls you are helping in the future!

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