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Avoiding That 'Glass Slipper' Moment...

You buy a ring, wait (sort of) patiently for it to arrive and when it does, it's beautiful. Even better than you imagined. You carefully unwrap it and go to slip it onto your finger. Except you can't. No matter how much you push and squeeze, it just won't fit. That's the glass slipper moment. I DO NOT want this to happen to you! Ring sizing can be tricky, and even more so if you're buying for someone else. I've put together a few tips to help out with sizing and make sure you have an exciting Cinderella moment, and not a disappointing glass slipper. 

Ring Sizing Tool

1. Get Measured

The easiest and most accurate option of all. Go in person to a local jeweller and ask them to help you find your size. They are happy to do this and you absolutely DON'T have to buy anything. Trust me, jewellers do this all the time and really are happy to help!

2. Use A Sizing Tool 

For my rings, I find this is the next best option to getting your size determined by a jeweller. I can send you an easy to use plastic sizer that works like a belt. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring, slip onto your finger and adjust to give a comfortable fit. Just make sure that you can slip it back off over your knuckle! I find these sizers give a very accurate measurement for my rings, and they're reusable so once you have it you can keep it and use it every time you want to buy a ring. I'll even send it to you for FREE! Just get in touch here. 

3. Borrow Her Ring

Buying for someone else? Try borrowing one of her rings and taking it to a jeweller to get sized. Bear in mind though that fingers are a bit like feet, they're not always the same size! The index finger in the right hand, for example, will probably not be the same size as the index finger on the left. So unless the ring you get your hands on is worn on the same finger as you intend the new ring to be worn on, you might end up needing some resizing.

I hope that's helpful! I'll be following up with some ideas as to how to get an idea of someone else's ring size if you need to be really covert, but until then if you have any questions leave them in the comments or email me

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