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Service Update

I'm sorry to announce that, due to the current Covid-19 situation, I am unable to accept any further orders. This is absolutely heartbreaking for me, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to source the gold, silver and gemstones I need in order to make your orders.

With many of my suppliers temporarily closing (and the remaining ones with very limited stock) I have been unable to secure any further supplies of eco (recycled) gold or silver. I have considered offering a limited range of newly mined gold and silver instead during this period, but having always worked in the most ethical and environmentally aware way possible, I just didn't feel right making this compromise.

I had hoped to be able to still offer a few ready to wear pieces made from my remaining stock, but following school closures I now have my five and six year old daughters to take care of which leaves very little time for making! So it's goodbye for now, I hope to be making something beautiful for you again very soon.

Lauren xxx

PS If you'd like to be the first to know when the shop reopens you can ask to join my mailing list by sending a quick message here, or by following on insta @laurenhuntjewellery

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